Elderly Folks Fellowship

The Elderly Folks Fellowship grew out of a desire to bring our elderly folks together for fellowship and encouragement in the Lord. Many were home-bound when other family members were not at home. A few were helping to keep an eye on their grandchildren and thus were unable to leave their homes. Thus, in July 2004, the elderly folks started their monthly meetings at the homes of the senior themselves. They had a time of praising God, and interactive game, followed by an exhortation from God’s Word given by Pastor Bob, sister Ee Meng and other brethren. This was followed by a time of sharing and prayer, and then some light refreshments contributed by the elderly brethren. Sometimes, through the kindness of a fellow-Christian, the seniors were given a lunch treat at a restaurant.

The venue for their Fellowship meeting was sometimes at a place of interest, e.g. Botanic Gardens, Jurong Bird Park, Labrador Park, Changi Museum, Pasir Panjang wholesale market, a hydroponic farm, or even as far as Malacca, Kota Tinggi and Tg Pinang (visiting the Sion Presbyterian Church under the charge of Rev Joseph Liu). Their meeting provide for the seniors’ spiritual and emotional needs, as well as enrich them in many other aspects of life. They get to relax and appreciate God’s creation, and outings take them away from their household chores. They also get to see first-hand, the gospel stations which Herald support. Our seniors are some of our faithfuls supporters of mission work in prayer and in substance.

We thank God for a church van (through the kind gift of a few seniors themselves), and the faithful few who provide transport when they go on their outings. 

As the years pass, many of our seniors have had to cope with physical ailments. Some are getting weaker in the body and mind. But God continues to grant them joy whenever they come for worship, or when they are ministered to in the home. Though we may be sad that God has called some of them to their eternal home, we are heartened that we will meet with them again one day. Presently, meetings are held on months with a fifth Thursday. The seniors may be fewer in number, but we continue to pray that God will minister to their needs through this Fellowship. May God continue to grant them joy and strength throughout their twilight years.

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