Overseas Missions


In Dec 2007, Herald sent her first Youth Mission team to Chiangmai, North Thailand. It was in response to the request of Rev Nirand Tamee and his wife for Bible training for the Lahu church leaders and a programme for the children in the Bongmai Student Centre set up by the Eternal Life B-P Church (Chiangmai). Pastor Bob conducted the Bible courses, and the 10 YFers conducted a programme for the children.

Since then, Pastor Bob continues to conduct short Bible courses for the Lahu preachers and evangelists, and our youths conduct their programmes for the children almost every year (except in 2008 when plans were changed due to some unrest in the north). God has blessed many of us who have gone on these mission trips.

Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar

For many years, God enabled our Pastor to minister to the brethren in Malaysia and Indonesia. He brings God’s Word to the believers of the Kulai B-P Fellowship, Kelapa Sawit B-P Church (Johore) and Evangel B-P Church in Petaling Jaya. A few members and friends have also had opportunity to accompany Pastor Bob on a few occasions, and learning more about the needs of these churches.

Pastor Bob also ministers to the brethren at the Sion Presbytrian Church, Tg Pinang, Indonesia, on the fifth Sunday of certain months and encourages their pastor, Rev Joseph Liu in his ministry. Thank God that Herald is able to provide some support in the purchase of the piece of land next to their Church for the furtherance of God’s work in Tg Pinang.

In 2012, a graduate of FEBC requested for help in the Bible Institute in Myanmar where he now serves. We thank God for enabling us to see the needs of the mission field, and pray that He will guide us in the use of His gifts for the furtherance of the gospel work.


Since 2010, through the invitation of Rev Philip Heng, Pastor Bob has joined Galilee B-P Church’s ministry in providing short theological training for the pastors and church leaders in Kenya. Thank God for this opportunity to encourage and equip fellow-ministers who are faced with the increasing influence of false teachers in the world.

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