Herald Care Groups

Our Herald Care Groups (HCGs) started in July 2004. The aim of the groups was to facilitate bonding among brothers and sisters-in-Christ with the ultimate purpose of strengthening our relationship with our Lord Jesus. In each HCG, members and friends gather for Bible Study, share testimonies and prayer items. Interactive games and close fellowship encourage all to show care and concern for one another.

Thanks to be God for His continual leading of the members of each HCG.

We thank God for enabling different families to open their homes to host the HCG gatherings, and for His blessings and answers to prayers. On one occasion, a sister-in-Christ shared how she brought her friend, who was diagnosed with an illness, to her HCG. We thank God that her friend subsequently received Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord. Another sister-in-Christ brought her husband to her HCG, and her husband is now a member of the church and also actively involved in church activities. We pray our Lord will continue to bless all the HCGs, and that members and friends will be drawn closer to each other and to serve our Lord Jesus in Herald.

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