Herald Family Day

Our first Family Day was organized on 2 May 2005. We gathered at the function hall of Goldenhill Park Condo. Besides learning from God’s Word, we enjoyed praising God together and having fun playing team games. It was also a time to enjoy a sumptuous meal as everyone tries to bring a home-cooked “Blessing Pot”.

Why do we have Family Day every year? As cliched as it may sound, truly “a family that plays together, stays together”. Many of us see each other at church during the worship service or at Sunday Bible / Sunday School classes. But, due to constraints of time and space, interaction among members and friends is often short and hurried. Thus, Family Day was organized so that we could spend more time enjoying each other’s company in the Lord. This special event (usually held on a public holiday) has helped us to get to know one another in a more relaxed manner. It also provides different groups in church the opportunity to work together to coordinate the food and the games. We also get to share with each other about our personal walk with the Lord.

Over the years, the venue for Family Day has moved from condo facilities to the green outdoors. We have been able to enjoy  our beautiful National Parks such as the Labrador Park and the Bedok Reservoir Park. This informal gathering at the parks has also enabled many of us to invite our relatives, friends and colleagues to join us.

We thank God for His goodness and wonderful blessings on each Family Day. Even when the storm clouds had gathered and rain had fallen before the scheduled meeting time, we have never failed to enjoy ourselves at each gathering.

Indeed, we thank God for His blessings of good fellowship and fun together as a big Herald Family!

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