The Herald Weekly Vol XV : 25

Revive, Refresh, Renew (Part 2)

Today’s bulletin records the responses of participants who discussed the following 4 questions which Rev Tang Chee Keong raised at the 1-day Bible Conference (9 June 2017), in relation to the theme “Revive, Refresh, Renew”.

Question 1: Think of one thing which you have prayed for, and God said “No”. On hindsight, you now know it is God’s grace that He did not grant you what you asked for.

Vivian Wong: I was very disappointed that I did not take the GCE ‘A’ levels because of financial difficulties. That dashed my hopes of ever joining the teaching profession. By God’s grace, my first job as a Social Welfare Assistant included training as a teacher.

Steven Yeo: As a new believer I was persecuted by my father. After completing the GCE ‘O’ levels, I took on different jobs and also attended many courses. Later my father decided to send me to Canada for further studies. I thank the Lord that I graduated at the same time as my friends who studied locally, and persecution for my Christian faith also stopped.

Leslie Phee: As a new Christian, I was very thankful that the Lord answered my prayer so quickly when I got my first job in an advertising company. Soon I found myself crying daily because of very mean colleagues. Later I resigned and worked in another advertising company. My previous experience had taught me not to be mean to others and the Lord has helped me to change the work culture of the company.

Daniel Goh: I did not do well in my studies and was doing different kinds of jobs. Later I took up drinking and joined a beer company. My spiritual life suffered, and my heart was burdened. By God’s grace, He brought me back to church.

Dorothy Wan: We were married for 5 years and still had no children. We decided to seek help and treatment. By God’s grace we were blessed with twins. Those 5 years were perhaps God’s way of preparing us for parenthood.

Bobby Chew: I was the only non-Christian in my family. One Christmas, my late sister gave me a Bible. In God’s timing, I received Christ, and I am thankful that He has been blessing my family.

Roland Tan: I prayed to God to give me a good life but was caught up with worldly desires, and was often down in the pit. God answered my prayers in a different way. When I was broke, He granted my wish that I could travel to London and Italy for 3 months with my sister. She brought me to an evangelistic meeting. There my eyes were opened, and I decided to serve the Lord upon my return to Singapore.

Patsy Lee: I had wanted to be a nurse as I disliked a desk-bound job. I also liked the nurse’s nice and clean uniform. My mother had asked me to learn typing, but I was not happy about it. My sister encouraged me to take up secretarial studies. My nephew also commented that I disliked uncleanliness, and thus would not be suited to be a nurse. I now work in a healthcare industry though it is a desk-bound job. I am able to know many Christian colleagues, and work for the Lord.

Rey Jandoquile: I had wanted to be a soldier, but my parents objected as I had excelled in my studies. Army officers had come to my house to fetch me to the Army but I did not leave with them. God knew that I could not even kill a chicken, let alone fire a gun at someone. My coming out to Singapore to work enabled me to support my family, especially my nieces and nephews in their studies. Family members also are very close and are able to take care of my parents.

Gabrielle Teng: I had wanted to choose Infocomm for my school’s CCA as many of my friends were joining it. However, my parents did not encourage me. Later, thank God for leading me to choose Drama Club. Since then I have no regrets because I am enjoying the activities.

Gary Wan: I had wanted to be flight steward, but failed in the interviews. I changed jobs twice, but finally joined the PSA where I met my wife, Dorothy. I believe it was God’s leading.

Christopher Teng: I thought I would stay in my previous job till I retired. But somehow chose to start my own business. There were many ups and downs, but I felt God’s guidance in many areas. I learnt to trust God and rely on Him.

Phee Siew Lan: I had wanted to be a nurse twice (after the GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels). But my mother, who was a nurse, did not encourage me. My daughter had a serious cut on her palm, and the doctor had to re-do the earlier stitches on her palm. When I saw the blood oozing out of the palm, my legs became wobbly, and I almost fainted. God knew that I could not stay strong if I saw too much bleeding. Eventually, He led me to further studies, and later became a teacher.

Patricia Lee: I came to know Christ while in secondary school. I wanted to continue with higher studies but had to work due to my father’s health condition. I was able to be active in church, and had time to study God’s Word. At 50 years of age, God enabled me to graduate with a university degree. Because of God’s grace, I am much blessed spiritually and academically.

Song Hui Liang: I had desired to speak in tongues, but realised that desiring this kind of spirituality could be rather immature. Being able to speak in tongues does not assure me of a blessed life. With God’s guidance, I am now able to focus on sharing and teaching God’s Word.

Lim Ee Meng: I wanted to retire when I was 45 years old, and do volunteer work. That was the time when Herald Church started. Thank God for guiding me into serving Him in church.

Teo Chew Hoon: I was doing well when I worked in SMRT. When I joined Auric Pacific, I was able to talk to the chefs and other employees and became familiar with the harsh working conditions. When I stopped work for 7 months, I joined in a volunteer group, Team Ardor. I realised that this was God’s way of igniting a stronger volunteering passion in me.

Question 2: In what ways can we be more committed to God?

Timothy Teng: I can learn to trust God more.

Agnes Koh: I desire to be more in-depth in my relationship with God.

Sam Koh: I desire to serve God more as I have missed out on doing that for 30 years.

Deborah Neam: I have been serving God in small ways. I wanted to be more committed to God, and to do big things, but held back. I hope to do more to be a living sacrifice for the Lord.

Maureen Tan: We tend to get fired up after a Camp or Bible Conference. But soon the enthusiasm dies down. I want to be more consistent in my walk with the Lord.

Steven Neam: I need God’s strength to be more committed to Him. I wish to work on family devotion.

Candy Song: I want to be more committed in taking care of my daughter, Feibi. I want to teach her to praise God through hymns and choruses, as well as teach her God’s Word.

Vivian Wong: Recent events in my life have impressed upon me that I should read my Bible and pray more, and to be more diligent in sharing the gospel with my family and relatives.

Bobby Chew: We should not just be weekend Christians. Since I started to read the devotional book, Daily Manna, I have benefitted from it. I read it the first thing before I start work in the office. I also make time to listen to sermons on Youtube. I know that there is a need to be cautious about what I listen to.

Daniel Goh: I regretted not sharing the gospel with my family earlier. By God’s grace, during a recent fishing trip, my son received Christ. I will soon be 60 years old. Thus, I want to go all out to share the gospel and not to regret for not sharing about Christ with others.

Dorothy Wan: I want to reach out to my 3 siblings who still do not know Christ. I am close to my eldest sister, and hope to bring her to church.

Steven Yeo: It is the duty of man to fear God and follow His commandments. Then we will automatically want to serve the Lord. We need to seek first the Kingdom of God.

Roland Tan: I am committed to serving the Lord full time. He has blessed me financially, and I will give to the Lord.

Leslie Phee: Before the children came, I had more time for my daily devotion. I need to work on that area. I am thankful that I can serve in the Ladies Fellowship.

Question 3: If you could live your life all over again, what is one area which you wish to change?

Daniel Goh: I would like to study in a seminary.

Leslie Phee: Schoolmates and friends had shared the gospel with me. If I had accepted Christ earlier, perhaps my Bible knowledge will be better.

Eunice Chew: I lack confidence in sharing the gospel with non-believers. I pray for courage and strength to read and share God’s Word.

Doris Lam: I share the same desire as Eunice. I hope to be bolder in sharing God’s Word with others. My sister-in-law asked me to pray for her illness. Thank God she responded well to treatment. I hope to do more, and to share the gospel with her.

Question 4: Do we know the faith, the grace, and the place that God has given to us?

Teo Chew Hoon: We go through different stages in life, and serve in different ways. My faith and courage grew as I matured. We need to be in the right place at the right time to share the gospel with others. We are different members with different functions in the Body of Christ. I know I have a ministry in my work (especially after the 7 months’ break from work). Anyone can do God’s work as long as he/she is willing.

All agreed that we know our faith, the grace of God and the place that God has given to us. We pray that we will give of our best wherever God has placed us, and give Him the glory in all that we do.

(The above responses were those submitted after the Conference)

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