The Herald Weekly Vol XVI : 40

The Preaching of the Gospel
The need to share the gospel is as vital as sharing every day news with people.

We get bombarded with lots of news – from the newspapers, television, and the social media. Most of the time the news tends to be negative, heartbreaking and even mind- boggling. In the last few days, the number of fatalities caused by the tsunami, earthquakes, typhoons or floods and other natural disasters seem to be filling up the headlines. Before the end of 2018, we may have broken the record for unending calamities that seem to hit the same countries in our region. The warning systems may have been put in place much earlier, yet the bodies of hundreds of victims unaccounted for reveal to us that there is not much the governments can do to prevent the adverse effects of the forces of nature. No one can stop the earthquakes and tsunamis from causing extensive damage to man-made structures, human and animal lives.

Why are all these happening? Why is modern man able to invent things which can make his life more comfortable, yet unable to do anything to stop natural disasters from destroying lives and property? Scientists blame it on the forces of nature worsened by man-made green house effects. But many are clueless as to why natural disasters are growing worse and worse.

God’s Word in the Book of Revelation explains to us clearly why all this is happening on the planet Earth. The Bible tells us that the answer is the sin of man. Man refuses to accept the existence of God and continues in immoral and unethical deeds making himself the god of everything. Before Noah’s time, the immorality of man was so prevalent and unimaginable that God regretted creating man out of His own image. It is not that God has made a mistake but rather in His creation of man, man has turned against His laws, will and goodwill for man.

It is vital that we relate this truth to all whom we know. The rising death toll all over the world will finally lead to the demise of man and his world such as a gigantic earthquake will result in the greatest destruction of our planet (Rev 16:18). The Apostle John prophesies that islands will vanish from the seas. This warning alludes to tsunamis that will arise out of the seas and oceans that cover the multitudes of islands, and coastal regions of countries.

Therefore, we must preach the gospel as in the days of Noah, who in 120 years with his three sons were proclaiming in the building of the Ark. We are commanded to preach in season and out of season to all people everywhere we go and in diverse situations. The message is that Jesus Christ has come to save sinners through His death on the cross. and on the third day He arose from the grave His promise of salvation of our soul is the most important thing for the inhabitants of this dying earth. We need to share how men and women can be saved and be reconciled to the Heavenly Father who will receive us as children of His kingdom through our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have loved ones who still do not know Christ, share the Good News with them. If you have yet to receive Christ as your Saviour and Lord, believe in Him and receive Him into your heart today.

Pastor Bob Phee

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