The Herald Weekly Vol XVII : 31

North Thailand Mission Trip
(13-19 July 2019)

Day 1

We met at the airport at around 6:30am. Pastor Bob, together with James Lim, came to pray for us and our mission trip to Chiangmai and Chiangrai.

We had some quick breakfast, and headed towards the boarding gate. The flight was fully booked. Thanks to God for His journey mercies, we arrived at Chiangmai International Airport safely.

We waited a long while for Brothers Joe and Birt to fetch us from the airport, and afterwards proceeded to make all our purchases at Makro hyper market. During lunch at the food court, Bro Joe shared about the reluctance of Aker villagers in accepting Christ. Later, John and I went in Birt’s car to collect second-hand clothes from a seminary teacher. We fetched Birt’s wife, Nee, and were on our way to the Aker village.

We stopped at Baan Cheewit Mai (meaning New Light) Chapel, which is the home of 40 children. We delivered all the clothes to them, and were impressed with the clean premises. Both cars stopped at the market place in the village of Wiangpapao at ChiangRai, and were attracted by the fresh fruits and fishes. We bought some of them and settled at a stall for a simple and sumptuous meal of rice porridge. By then, it was 7:30pm. We had hoped to reach the Aker Village early to prepare for the next day, and rest from the long journey.

We had our devotion with Joe and Birt. Dn Steven Neam shared about Moses, the chosen one to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. It reminded us of Joe, who was chosen to preach the gospel to the Aker people. He shared the difficulties he faced with the older generation. We noted his contribution of starting and teaching the children in the Aker language, and prayed that this generation would become believers of Jesus.

Day 2

The children at the Sunday Junior Worship were energetic, and they could sing the song (God is so good) that we taught them previously even without guidance. Kay and John led them in some craft work and games while Dn Steven, Dness Pat and I together with Joe, Birt and their wives, learnt lessons from the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

That blessed day took us to about 30 families to convey our greetings in God’s love, know more about them and prayed for them. It was very rewarding in that we could pray in Jesus’ name for the sick, depressed and injured. Everyone welcomed us, and showed the respect they had for Joe. We found out from Joe that conversion to Christianity was very difficult among the elderly because of ancestral worship and their parents’ belief. The regular attendees in church are about 30 children. We could see how Joe is sowing the seeds to nurture the next generation. We were glad that he was invited by the Aker people in other areas, inviting him there to teach the native language, and encouraging him to grow in the way the Lord leads him.

Day 3

We had a lovely morning devotion and breakfast after some rain the night before. Joe shared about his humble life story and how he graduated in both agriculture and animal husbandry. He related how God’s grace had led him from monkhood in Buddhism to Christ, and form living in the city to returning to the Aker Village. All this was done with the enjoyment of green tea harvested by himself.

We then set out on the journey to meet Rev Nirand at the highway where he led us to Bongmai. We arrived at Bongmai Student Centre where the village pastors, their wives and believers joined us. We set up the laptop and projector very quickly and wasted no time to start our lessons. It was a very hot and humid day. The attendees paid attention to Dn Steven and me despite the weather, reading the Bible and taking notes.

We ended the day in Bongmai before the sunset, and left for the Lau Lee resort where we had dinner, devotion and fellowship. We seemed to be the only guests that the Lau Lee resort had this time. However, God was with us.

Day 4

The day commenced at 7 am with morning devotion and porridge for breakfast. Rev Nirand shared his difficult times when he arrived in Thailand in his late twenties as well as how his ministry in tribal villages started with an unknown doctor. He was a brother of a believer who had heard of this ministry in a Singapore church.

We were warmly greeted by the pastors and attendees when we arrived at the Bongmai Student Centre. A belated introduction of one another kickstarted the continuation of the lesson by Dness Patricia. The pastors were attentive and asked questions when they were in doubt. We were encouraged by the women who showed keen interest in God’s Word. The youngest son of Pastor Paul who is in charge of the student dormitory also joined the class.

Day 5

After a sumptuous breakfast on the last day in the Lau Lee Resort, we set off to visit Pastor Saw Lu and LiWu church where we prayed for a Chinese man who seemed to be suffering from stroke. We were told that he was able to walk after Pastor Saw Lu prayed for him. We also visited Pastor Wiru and Yanam church where we prayed for a sick elderly woman, and a 79-year-old elderly man who had pain in his neck and shoulder. A simple massage and a medicated plaster were given to him to relieve the pain. Lastly, we visited Pastor Lipu of Hwikheelekmai church, and was informed that the pastor often drove the villages to the hospital and clinics at the foot of the mountain.

We were greeted warmly by a joyful woman who brought us ice water for the hot day. We found out later that she was the mother of a young man who suffered a head injury from a motorcycle accident that left him disabled and bedridden. We prayed for the mother and son and thanked God for their faith in Him. We departed from the Lahu village in the afternoon and headed towards Chiangmai, where we gathered for dinner with Gad and his wife, Nate and their son, Birt and wife, Nee, as well as Rev Nirand and Jess. We also planned for our December trip and sought their participation to be our interpreters.

Day 6

We supported Jess who had started a small cafe business in their home before visiting the principle and teachers of Jedyod Primary School. We chatted with them and got their consent to do our outreach in the school in December. We were informed of their need for English and Thai books for their library, a row of sinks with water taps for their sanitation program as well as to paint the water tank.

Day 7

It was really a fruitful trip for us as we deepened our understanding and appreciation of the Aker and Lahu churches, and servants of the Lord, and saw His amazing work in their lives. We rejoiced in the Lord for His protection and sweet fellowship. We returned to Singapore safely and were welcomed by Pastor Bob at the airport. At a short coffee break, we shared a short account of our trip with him.

Dness Teo Chew Hoon

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